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How to Write a Thesis Statement in MLA Format

How to Write a Thesis Statement in MLA Format

Wondering how to write a thesis statement MLA? You have come to the right place. Writing a thesis statement forms a core part of your academic paper. It gives readers an idea of the subject you wish to discuss.

MLA format offers unique guidelines for the thesis statement. An MLA format thesis statement must capture the perspective you are taking regarding the subject you intend to discuss. Here are guidelines offered by DissertationTeam professionals to help you craft the best thesis statement in MLA format.

Understand what MLA thesis statement means

A thesis statement is a sentence or phrase that summarizes the central discussion of your paper. It can be found in the introduction but is always placed towards the end. Once you engage the reader on the subject of discussion, you take a stand, that you intend to justify through the data, Literature Review, and presentations you will make.

The MLA thesis statement will appear differently based on the type of paper you are writing. The title of the paper determines the kind of statement you make. For example, a descriptive paper will feature a statement that also takes the descriptive format. If your title requires you to compare and contrast, the same format will reflect in the thesis statement.

MLA thesis statements arouse curiosity over your work. They determine whether a person will read or abandon the paper. If the statement is not compelling enough, the possibility of abandoning the paper becomes higher. The statement must be clear so that the reader knows what to expect.

A good thesis statement takes a strong position on a subject. A few words in the sentence do not carry the weight needed. Here is an example of a thesis statement and how to improve it:

Example 1: The government should take a strong position on racism.

The above example is a general statement. It does not provide a reason or perspective for taking the position. Let’s improve the thesis statement MLA to see the impact it will have on a reader.

Example 2: The government must take the lead in fighting racism by monitoring marginalized groups, setting up laws, and providing resources for affirmative action.

The second MLA thesis example is very specific on the actions that the government should take. It also summarizes the points that will be discussed in the paper. From the example, you can expect to read about monitoring of racism, the laws that will change to avoid racism, and the resources to be allocated to reverse racism. The statement in this case acts as a summary of the discussion you will have in the entire paper.

How can you write a better thesis statement in MLA format?

Here are valuable tips to consider:

Review how to write a thesis statement MLA

Revisit the lesson on writing a thesis statement. The lesson captures all the requirements and rules that guide your writing process. From the lesson, you will get incredible insights. The revision acts as a refresher to help you understand the rules better.

Consult your supervisor on the rules to guide your writing process. You might end up with samples or examples of thesis statements. Through consultation, you will be sure of delivering an accurate thesis statement.

Check samples of MLA thesis statements

Obtain a sample of a thesis statement in MLA format to guide you while writing. The samples have already executed the writing rules. Your work will be to imitate the example provided in the sample.

The sample should come from a credible source like the library or your supervisor. Such sources guarantee quality and ensure that you are not misled by poor-quality samples. Use several samples to compare the execution of the writing rules.

Hire a MLA format thesis statement writer

Hire a professional writer to complete your thesis. Pick the writer from homework websites online. Choose an experienced helper who is trained in the same area as your thesis. Such writers understand the technical aspects of your topic and will deliver the best paper.

The thesis statement summarizes your discussion in one sentence. It is best to write it upon completion of your paper because you have a better idea of what the paper has discussed. Use samples and examples to guide you in the writing process.

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