Full Stories:

Yasmin Nair on the MLA Subconference Fredrik deBoer
Solidarity Without Affect: The MLA Subconference Enters Its Second Year Yasmin Nair

Scholars Challenge Costly Annual Meetings as Too Exclusive Audrey Williams June, Chronicle of Higher Education


“MLA’s Effort to Reshape Ph.D. Misses Mark, Some Say Vimal Patel, Chronicle of Higher Education






“An MLA Story”
-Lee Skallerup Bessette, Inside Higher Ed




“Panel 6: Individuated vs. Collective Responses”
-(transcript) Elizabeth Kelley Bowman


“Moments of Brilliance from the Subconference”
-(quotes and highlights) Jason Hertz


Honorable Mentions:

-Jodi Dean (“I cite“)




“Resist the Status Quo at MLA 2014″
-Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association


-Jacket 2



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