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The organizers of the MLA Subconference are committed to using a large portion of our funds to provide partial travel grants to participants and attendees who need the support. But we need your help in getting the organizing committee and presenters (primarily grad students, non-grad adjuncts, and social-justice organizers) there. We’ve received $3,000 in institutional contributions so far, but with airfare running between $300-$600 from most points in the U.S. and Canada—and with 12 members of the organizing committee, and as many as 20 presenters, all coming specifically for this event—we need your support. Help us expand the Subcon network and accelerate the transformation of higher ed!

Your contribution will go toward:

*Roundtrip fares for plane, train, and bus travel.
*Mileage reimbursement for those driving.
*A limited number of hotel rooms (we plan to provide home-stays for most participants).
*Inter-Vancouver public transportation.

If you can’t contribute financially but are interested in providing assistance, we also encourage you to think about sharing:

*Frequent flier miles
*Extra space in your hotel room if it is covered by your department
*Other creative mutual aid ideas

Email us about any of the above at:

mutual aid copy