2016 MLA Subconference sponsors

The MLA Subconference wouldn’t happen without the donations, financial contributions, and community support we receive each year! This year we’d like to thank:

*CaffĂ© Medici, Voodoo Doughnuts, and Cheer Up Charlie’s for generous donations of food, beverages and space



Cheer Up Charlie's

*The Modern Language Association, Duke University, and the BABEL working group for large financial contributions from their organizations

*Natalia Jacovkis, Jen Boyle, Roland Greene, Sharon O’Dair, Walter Benn Michaels, Alexander Phillips, Jessica Hurley, Ann Larson, W Trettien, James Finley, Marc Bousquet, Julie Orlemanski, Richard Grusin, Josh Calhoun, Marco Abel, Michael Berube, Imre Szeman, Eric Lott, Jessie Hock, Jennifer Wicke, Sarah Brouillette, Andrew Leong, Annie McClanahan, Adeline Koh, Siobhan Senier, Margaret Hanzinamolis, and all the Anonymous donors who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign

*And, finally, thanks to the locals who have opened their homes to give Subconference presenters somewhere to lay their heads at night. Homestays are one of the most basic AND most crucial forms of mutual aid we help to organize each year and we appreciate the hospitality and community each of yours beds and sofas represent!